No Buyer for Rare Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster.. Can’t Understand Why?

With only 6 examples ever made this is not something you are likely to find in your local classifieds so why has it not found a home? This 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster will go under the hammer this weekend as the buy it now price of $2million on eBay was not snapped up by anyone. This particular car is the only 1 in the United States so I am sure at Monterey this weekend some collector will dig deep into their pockets for this properly rare beast. It has a carbon fibre monocoque chassis with integrated roll cage, it has a 6.9 litre V12 that pushes 612 horsepower, it has a 6-speed sequential manual gearbox and an awesome black rear wing! It was just serviced in Germany and only has 71 miles on the clock. I am sure it will sell this weekend for a hefty price tag as this is most certainly some AMG preciousness! Just look at it! More pics here.

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