One of The Lamborghini Veneno’s is Up For Sale

Yup you read that title correctly. 1 of the 3 Veneno’s sold is apparently already up for sale for an undisclosed amount. Refined Marques have been tasked by the owner to sell it and although I tried my best to get an asking price out of them, they are keeping their lips tightly shut! My guess is above the €4 million mark (R54 million). This car was the one sold to the unknown buyer in the Middle-East and the other 2 are still headed for the VIP clients in USA. I wonder why you would purchase such an expensive and rare car and immediately sell it? He could have ran into money trouble or he is making a bucket load more on it or even got word that they are considering the roadster version? I will update the post if I manage to get the asking price and official confirmation that it is being sold.

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