Crossley & Webb’s New Exotic Car Showroom in Cape Town

Crossley & Webb is the newest car showroom to touch down in Cape Town but this is a rather unique and special one. The showroom is a classic red brick building nestled in the Wembley Square area where they have 3 separate areas offering 3 different sides of the business.

Anything from a classics to the most modern supercars will be available for purchase through this section.

Glass Storage
They will also offer de-humidified glass storage on a monthly hire basis. Most people know about the space restraints along the Atlantic Seaboard and many of those homeowners tend to have some special items sitting in their garage or even being left on the streets.

Not to be forgotten is the maintenance, detailing, insurance and even transportation services that will be offered to the owners. A workshop will even be provided to those keen enough to upgrade their already awesome cars or even for a restoration project.

Crossley & Webb will represent ecurie25 which is a supercar club that was founded in London which means individuals who prefer to hire supercars will be able to do this with ease (provided they have some fairly deep pockets). The best part about this showroom? There is a public coffee shop where you may sit and enjoy a nice cuppa while oogling over some of the ultimate exotic cars in the world. The showroom is due to open its doors next month.

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