Hamann Nervudo – Overkill Aventador

Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 allows many tuners to bring their best efforts to show off to the world. Brabus has shown us 2 monsters already and now it seems Hamann want all the attention with their Nervudo. Obviously based on the Lamborghini Aventador but looking largely different thanks to the new front spoiler and air ducts, new side skirts, new rear spoiler and a new diffuser all finished in carbon fibre. To top it off they added some big 21″ Hamann professional rims and then modified the exhaust to make it a massive flamethrower (as if it needed help in this department). Power was boosted by 60hp to 760hp through and ECU rework so this will provide a decent extra bit of kick up the backside to match the completely ludicrous and over the top cosmetics.

[Source: GTSpirit]

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