UPDATE: Maserati GranCabrio Slams into Truck in Johannesburg South Africa

I just received word that a women is in a serious condition after the Maserati she was driving slammed into a truck. The car became wedged under the truck and medics had to extricate her from the car. Apparently the truck did a U-turn and the Maserati went straight into it. By the looks of things, the truck tried to make the turn where it was not supposed to! I will provide updates as soon as I hear as to the condition of the female occupant.

UPDATE: Test driver (male) was moderately injured with a minor head injury, multiple lacerations and a broken arm. The female sales exec in the passenger seat is in critical condition and was intubated on scene. She sustained major head and spinal injury (broken neck) as well as broken bones and internal bleeding. She also sustained 3rd degree burns to her face and chest due to the battery acid from the truck. Because the truck was carrying sewerage, the risk of infection is very high. Multiple advanced life support interventions took place and she was then taken to hospital where she is still critical. I hope she manages to get through this. According to medics, the truck performed a U-Turn in the middle of peak-hour traffic for no apparent reason. I will keep you updated as best I can.

UPDATE 2: She is now stable in hospital in the trauma ICU. She is going in for an operation today to re-construct facial bones and do skin grafts for the burns. She had a fractured T and C-Spine and a skull fracture. All internal organs and brain have no bleeding which is a massive positive. Hope the recovery process goes well for her!

[Pics via @MedixGauteng and @ER24EMS]
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