Guest Post: What Are The Top 3 Ford’s To Lease?

Cash-strapped motorists might be better of leasing than buying. Why? Because unlike dealership finance, or buying outright, you need not put down a large wad of money simply to drive away. Leasing requires a small deposit and lower monthly repayments than finance, PLUS, you’ll get a new car with more money to spare to get a better equipped one.

Ford are one manufacturer who appeal to leasers; their cars are perfect for anybody and they are sure to have a vehicle that’s ideal for you. Here’s the top 3 Ford’s to lease.

1. Ford Ka
The Ford Ka is the cheapest motor Ford currently produce. It’s a direct alternative to the likes of the Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1, Skoda Citigo and even the Fiat 500. It’s cute styling, economical range of engines and generous equipment make it a bit of a steal, and the monthly repayments through leasing are extremely low.
For that reason, the Ford Ka is the Lease Cars Direct top Ford to lease for first-time drivers and households who simply need a second car to go shopping in. The Ka benefits from good handling and a surprisingly spacious interior. Lease Cars Direct have good deals on the chic Ford Ka at the moment, including on our pick of the range, the 1.2 Zetec with Start and Stop technology.

2. Ford Focus
The Ford Focus has come a long way over the past 10 years and right now, in 2013, it’s better than ever. Ford have taken the fight to Volkswagen and the new Focus offers the best handling in its class, along with a brilliant range of engines. The Focus is also comfortable, refined, and depending on the trim level you get well equipped too.
The Focus is great at everything; it’s a comfortable long distance cruiser, it’s good fun when the roads get twisty, and it has a boot big enough to do the monthly shop. We recommend going for the economical and punchy 1.6 TDCi in Zetec trim.

3. Ford Mondeo
For those who want something a little bit bigger than a Focus, you can’t go wrong with a Mondeo. The Ford Mondeo, just like the Focus, is a wonderful all rounder and it’s the ideal companion for motorway miles, with generous equipment no matter the trim level and an exciting range of engines, including the wonderful 1.6 EcoBoost.
We recommend the Mondeo to business leasers first and foremost, due to the cars uncanny ability to look stylish and sophisticated. Business users will likely benefit from the powerful and economical 2.0 TDCi engine in 140 or 163 guise. This engine is also available in a Zetec Business Edition.

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