Yellow Lamborghini Aventador Crashed in Torrential Rain in UK

Now I had no idea who this guy was before I saw a picture of his Aventador online but it seems he goes by the name of Lord Aleem and he owns Platinum Executive Travel. He seems to be doing extremely well as he also owns an orange Aventador. He confirmed on his Facebook page that this yellow Aventador Coupe was in fact theirs and that it had aquaplaned in the torrential rain that the UK has been experiencing. This is the 3rd Aventador crash I have heard of in 3 weeks! He said “The damage looks worse than it actually is thanks to all the mud and grass! But Alhumdulilah my driver was safe and that is the main thing.”

yellow lamborghini aventador crash

He went on to say that he had purchased another Aventador coupe and was awaiting delivery of his Roadster so by 2014 he will have FOUR Aventador’s. Lucky lucky man!

Prior to incident sitting next to the stunning orange Coupe
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