2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO Has 595 Horsepower and Fast Nurburgring Time

We were given a teaser a few days ago and we know they were pushing for a quick Nurburgring lap time and the time has been confirmed. Coming in with a time of 7:08, it is quick but not a record. I wasn’t expecting them to be breaking records considering they will be competing with 900hp hybrid hypercars but still this is a seriously strong effort and confirms that the Nissan GT-R is probably the best bang for your buck. This 2015 NISMO version of the Japanese car comes packed with 595 horses which is a 50hp increase over the standard GT-R but if you want it to look like this, you going to have to order the optional track pack. This includes carbon bits and pieces along with a new front splitter and large rear wing. No official word on pricing but Nissan have said it will cost less than $200k. Official information and pictures will be available tomorrow.

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