Brabus Turn Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon Into a Rocketship

I am not a wagon fan but when Brabus get hold of an AMG Wagon then I take notice. They just shared their package for the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon and it is a monster! Increased the displacement of the V8, installed custom turbos with bigger compressors and a bespoke exhaust manifold now means this thing pushes out an astonishing 850 hp. That is a 265 hp power hike from standard and let’s be honest, the standard car is no slouch! The scariest part has to be the torque figure which now sits at an earth shattering 1450 Nm but has to be limited to 1150 Nm otherwise it will break the world. The 100 km/h sprint is now a supercar thrashing 3.1 seconds and top speed raised to a ridiculous 350 km/h. It is not all about performance because Brabus also add some carbon bits and pieces and it looks epic. This car actually scares me.

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