Guest Post: Things to Look for in Car Rental Companies

Car rental companies generally have several local branches, which means that you can pick up your vehicle in one location and return it to another. They normally have branches near airports or in busy cosmopolitan areas, so you can book a car on arrival, however most rental companies also have websites, which allow you to take advantage of online reservations and early booking deals. Other websites allow you to compare various offers from competing companies, so you can easily find the best deal.

Do you want the freedom of driving you own car while you are on holiday? You may avail car rentals discount if you book their service ahead of time. It is therefore worth doing your research before you travel. Some factors you need to consider when reserving your rental car are as follows, the seating capacity, the number of doors, the model of the car, the gearbox type (manual or automatic) the luggage space, insurance, GPS navigation systems, entertainment systems, air conditioning systems and, of course, your budget.

Rental companies generally impose certain terms and conditions for each rental. This often includes a limited number of miles, so if you exceed that mileage you may have to pay an excess. There may also be an age limit on who can hire the car, in some countries under 25’s cannot rent cars, and in others older drivers will have to pay a surcharge. You will always need to have a driving license and sometimes an international driving license to rent a car anywhere in the world.

Probably the most important thing to look for in car rental companies is the insurance policies that they offer. Most companies will provide third party, fire and theft insurance as standard, but it is always best to check this before you make your reservation. Then there will be extra policies that you can add to your standard package, such as loss damage waiver and personal accident insurance.

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