RAZOR 7 by RevoZport Looks Hot

The GTI has always been one of the most desirable hat-hatches out there in terms of performance, looks and just being a great all-rounder. Well RevoZport has developed a package to push your GTI to the next level where you can compete with the likes of the BMW M135i. Introducing the RevoZport RAZOR 7 which pumps up the Golf 7 GTI performance to over 290 hp. Thanks to some ECU mapping, a new titanium exhaust and a 2-stage induction system this car will be a proper rocket. The exterior is where it catches your eye though with the double front splitter, carbon hood with vents, carbon side skirts, sexy diffuser and that epic GT-Wing on the rear. This is one angry looking Golf and I am quite sure we will see one of these kits cruising around South Africa in the near future.

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