Underground Racing Lamborghini Aventador Pushes 1550HP On Race Fuel

This is just something I struggle to comprehend but I am not against it at all. The Aventador is already one of the fastest cars in the world yet some owners and tuning fanatics reckon they need to pump it up even more. Underground Racing offer some of the most bonkers tuning upgrades for Lamborghini’s in the world and this is most certainly the case for the Aventador. This is the latest customer car to receive the treatment and the result is a very silly 1200whp on standard fuel. This can be increased to 1550whp when using race fuel. 100 km/h comes up in an internal hurting 2.2 seconds and goes on to a top speed of no one is brave enough to try. What you think of this grey Aventador with black HRE wheels? Would you tune your stunning bull?

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