Arctic Camo Lamborghini Aventador Ready for Winter in Whistler

Vancouver seems to be picking up in the car culture department because as we see the epic Blu Glauco Aventador Roadster appear, this latest creation is also off to Vancouver. This particular Lamborghini Aventador was created to contend with the demanding winter conditions so as a start it was fitted with snow tyres. It then went on got fitted with an IPE Exhaust, the very serious Liberty Walk body kit and then the in your face arctic-camo Bape wrap. This is the third Aventador to recieve the roof trunk too and although I would never do this to an Aventador it kind of fits in well with this animal. Looks like Jon Olsson has a competitor now for the coolest winter-capable supercar. The owner plans on heading to Whistler later this month (I am going there in January so maybe I will catch a glimpse) to ski for the holiday. Who thinks this works? Hit or miss?


[Photos: Marcel Lech Photography]

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