BMW 2-Series Prices Leaked

The pricing for the hotly anticipated BMW 2-Series has been leaked and if you were thinking of getting one, this may change your mind. What I used to calculate the prices in South African Rands is a quote I just saw from BMW SA for the new BMW 435i and compared it to the dollar equivalent and then using simple maths I get back to Rand equivalent for the leaked 2-Series prices.

  • 228i = $33 000 = R530 000
  • M235i = $44 000 = R710 000
What is scary is if you highly spec your M235i you are looking at about $52 000 which equates to R840 000 and if you give some nice extra’s to your 228i then you are looking at over the $40 000 mark which is about R650 000. These are some scary numbers for a car that is one above entry level and in my honest opinion I think it will chase away many interested parties.
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