Gemballa Produce First Aftermarket Wheels for McLaren P1

It didn’t take too long but Gemballa have revealed what is the very first set of replacement wheels for the bonkers new McLaren P1. The German tuners managed to purchase one of the 375 P1’s so they could design their new wheel capable of 350 km/h. The standard P1 has 19″ at the front and 20″ at the rear but the GForged-one wheels are a chunky 20″ at the front and very beefy 21″ at the back. These wheels looks very similar to wheels that we have seen on the McLaren 12C, especially the MSO cars, but they do sit very well on this P1 too. If you choose to have these wheels fitted to your car, you have the choice between four surface finishes including full-surface ‘diamond cut’. Would you keep the standard P1 rims or opt for these replacement wheels?

[Source: GTSpirit]

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