Guest Post: Dodge – Muscle Mania

If there’s one car brand that stands true to the name Muscle car, that would be the Dodge line up of muscle car models. Being one of the major players in the muscle car category alongside Chevrolet and Ford, Dodge made its debut in the late 1960’s. Models like  Coronet R/T, Charger and Super Bee are the popular choices for those who seek high performance driving. But the key player among these muscles is the Challenger, introduced in 1970. Its a sports coupe and convertible in the Mony car class. Although opinions still vary on whether or not the Mony car can be considered a muscle car, nevertheless the Dodge Challenger remains to be the closest competitor to its classic rivals Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. See the all new Dodge Challenger online at

First Generation Challenger
The Challenger has only 2 generations of production due to its 30-year hiatus from1978 to 2008. Despite the wide generation gap, performance and appearance wise it still offers the same mild economy engine up to the race-ready Hemi V8 engine it originally offers. The first generation of four hard-top models were Challenger six,V8, T/A and R/T. Engines would range from a 225 cubic-inch six to a 230 horse power, 318 cubic-inch V8, also a 340 cubic-inch V8 and the 290 horse power 383 cubic-inch V8. On the other hand, the R/T has a 335 horse power 383 cubic-inch magnum V8 that could be upgraded to a 440 cubic inch magnum, a 440 cubic-inch six pack and a 426 cubic-inch Hemi. All models consist of a standard three-speed manual transmission.

Combining the Past and Present
The second generation was reintroduced in 2008 were the SE, R/T, and SRT8. Except for the rear-drive chassis, considerable size difference, featuring a 17-20 inch alloy wheels, and a five-speed automatic transmission, everything else was styled to look much like the classic 1970 Challenger. The R/T and SRT8 are the only ones with the manual transmission. Front and side curtain bags, cloth seating, four-speaker CD/MP3 stereo, power adjustable driver seat and power accessories are standard key features. The R/T and SRT8 models both have more upgraded engines, advanced traction control system, electronic control system and a much edgier exterior styling. Further engine modifications and an improved interior material were introduced in the 2011 and 2012 Challenger model lineup. Navigation system, Unconnect Web option, leather interior, black chrome 20-inch wheels and the special edition Yellow Jacket Challenger. The 2011 Challenger SRT8 model had its expanded to 6.4 liters with 470 horse power engine, while the 2012 SRT8 392 model offers an adaptive suspension with normal and sport modes. The 2013 Challenger R/T Redline on the other hand would be more edgier and aggressive in style. While the 2015 SRT Barracuda may further draw the line of major changes, thanks to innovation and technology.

For the muscle car enthusiast, changes can be overwhelming, but the tradition which is Dodge in the classic Challenger still provides the classic muscle-car feel plus performance, an offer so hard to turn down. It takes you back in time while enjoying the luxury of today.

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