Guest Post: Nissan Goes Green and Gets Tough

Being the sixth largest car manufacturer in the world, Nissan is struggling to belong within the highly competitive top-five list. Many critics and detractors stated that this second largest Japanese automobile company is heading on a downhill slope in the foreseeable future. Unfazed by these reviews, Nissan considers these as one of the many challenges they are optimistically willing to conquer. Like many devoted car manufacturers, they are determined to win the hearts of potential supporters. These enthusiasts may range from pure car enthusiasts with obsessive interest in motor engines and chassis to idealistic entrepreneurs and visionaries who wish for their venerated model company to champion revolutionary ideas.

In both categories, Nissan proved to be an apt performer. The Nissan GT-R has proven itself a masterpiece when it comes to its engineering handiwork and aesthetic design. Being the latest chef-d’oeuvre of the corporation, Nissan’s competence and prestige as an automobile manufacturer defied its staunchest critics. This latest product has retained the interest of Nissan fans all over the world. As far as selling revolutionary principles is concerned, Nissan has made a bold move to cross the line where no other automobile company even dare cross. Nissan motor company has put idealism to a whole new level with their decision to “go green.” You can read more about the GT-R at

Nissan says, “Why not electric cars?!”
Climate change is one of the most controversial of the debated global issues today. Proponents of ecological preservation have successfully rallied overwhelming support against the traditional means of using potentially-hazardous industries to fuel global economy. What is so interesting about the environmental cause is that it challenges the way civilization is run since the dawn of the 21st Century. Normally, automobiles lean towards the traditional and somewhat anti-environmental ideology since their fundamental enterprise hinges on petroleum. Simply put it, “without petroleum, cars won’t run.” Nissan is among the first (if not entirely the first) car companies to say that a petroleum-dependent car itself is the problem.

Nissan faced the daunting task of opposing the very system which determines the existence of automobile business. With the emergence of eco-friendly technology and renewable energy, Nissan decides to revolutionize its cars in contemporary times. The company decided to launch its prototype electronic car that has zero gas and zero tailpipe. This 100% electric car is called the Nissan Leaf. Electric cars already exist in our time but the degree of their practicality is still at an experimental stage. Today, eco-friendly advocates are pushing modern society to provide bigger public infrastructure for electric cars. The Nissan Leaf is a revolutionary idea that challenges the mainstream transportation system. Through cars like Nissan Leaf, a world where gas stations are replaced by electric charger outlets is not going to be a distant science fiction scenario that people from decades ago can only scoff about. For now, traditional car companies are not happy about Nissan taking the center stage in the popular green movement which has swept the world. For all its worth, Nissan has just upped its gameplay tremendously.

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