2015 Subaru WRX STi Pictures Leaked

When Subaru unveiled the WRX last year, the response was not exactly positive and everyone had a similar point of view. Everyone wanted something a little closer to that awesome concept we saw a couple months back but it only had very vague design cues from that particular model. The new WRX STi is set to be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show next week but once again some pictures have been leaked of the new hotter version and it looks much much better. Gold wheels, blue paint, wider stance and a oversized rear wing worked for them last time so they did it again! I still think the wheels need to be bigger but this is a dramatic improvement over the standard car. Details on the performance are not known but as mentioned earlier in the week, we can expect it to have about 300 hp with a dual-clutch gearbox. More pictures on Facebook here.

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