BMW M2 Coming 2016 Insiders Say ‘Makes A Lot Of Sense’

A successor the the brilliant and desirable 1-Series M Coupe is in the pipeline with around 380 horses. Not only will it have some heavy power behind it but will use tech from the all-new BMW M4. The BMW M2 will be launched as flagship performance model for the new 2-Series range and according to insiders at BMW, a new M2 Coupe ‘makes a lot of sense’. A source told AutoExpress that a road-going version of the M235i Racing car was considered for production but was then scrapped when they thought “it would step on the toes of something else higher up the range”. This is undoubtedly the new M car likely to be called the M2 or 2M we are not too sure yet. This car we talk of is expected to go on sale in 2016 but personally I think we will see it earlier than that!

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