Brabus A45 AMG In South Africa

It is always cool to see a car that you would never think would make it to our country in our country and a Brabus A45 AMG is most certainly that. This particular car (the only Brabus A45 AMG in SA that I know of) has only had the cosmetic upgrades done so the performance is that same as the standard Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG. Just by looking at the pictures I can confirm that the following changes have been made;

  • Front spoiler
  • Brabus logo’s (front and back)
  • Brabus Monoblock R 5-double-spoke-design wheels
  • Interior changes (full list can be seen here)

The work was done by RACE! and the car is currently sitting at Daytona Group with a price tag of R1 000 000. For all the pics your heart desires, see the Facebook album here!

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