Lexus RC-F Coupe Revealed Ahead of Detroit Debut and It Looks Epic

Another car has been unveiled before the official debut and this put a smile on my face. Lexus actually released these pictures so it is not a leak but rather a taste before actual pictures stream in from Detroit Motor Show next week. This is the third car to be developed by is F performance division following the IS F and the insane LFA. The RC-F Coupe is packed with a V8 which is expected to pump out around 500 hp as they said it will be their most powervel V8 car to date. On to the looks of the car and I am still smiling like a little kid as I type this. They have absolutely nailed it! Angry yet sleek and sporty at the same time. The hood is noticeably larger which is undoubtedly to house the beefed up V8 and those oh-so-awesome stacked exhausts really makes the rear tell a story. This car like the LFA also has a speed-sensitive active rear spoiler mounted on the boot. This looks like a direct aim at the BMW M4 and C63 AMG but we will have to wait and see if they have managed to get the car to that sort of level. Who agrees with me about the looks?

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