Overdrive AD Give Jaguar XJ220 Complete Overhaul

The Bulgarians from Overdrive AD managed to get their hands on a very special Jaguar. The record-breaking (at the time) XJ220. This particular car is chassis number 98 of 275 and Overdrive AD completely overhauled the car which to many, if not most, this is complete sacrilege. Brand spanking new interior, lots of carbon fibre panel to change the look and then finished in a not-so-easy-on-the-eye brown/bronze. The wheels are copies of the concave ADV.1’s and they fitted it with an Akrapovic exhaust system. Notice anything about the tail lights? Well I did and after investigating it came out that these lights are taken straight from a Ferrari 599. Auto Performance in Germany are currently asking 400 000 Euro’s for this machine which is rather stiff. What you think about his project?

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