Seat Leon Cupra 280 Is Faster Than E92 M3 Around ‘The Ring’

Now this was a big surprise for me. Seat quietly set the records straight after smashing the Renault Megane RS Trophy’s Ring time of 8:07.97 with an astonishing lap time of just 7:58.4. This not only makes it the fastest FWD production car around Nürburgring but it actually beats the epic V8 powered E92 BMW M3. They have managed to drop below the 8 minute barrier without fancy aero kits and this for me is astonishing. They made the announcement at the Geneva Motor Show where the president of Seat stated “Our ultimate expression of the successful Leon formula is the all new Leon Cupra. It is the fastest and the most powerful car we have ever built and yet is a comfortable family car. The Cupra is our new icon.”

You have the choice between three and five door models and if you opt for the Leon Cupra 280, you get a shopping 276 horses capable of hurtling you to 100 km/h in just 5.7 seconds. If you want to watch the record-setting lap then take a look at the video clip below.

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