Crazy Owner Tunes His Silver LaFerrari to 1050HP

I just shared a photo of this silver LaFerrari on Twitter and then I find out that it is in fact not standard! Despite having one of the most advanced naturally aspirated V12 engines ever made, one owner decided that it needs to be chipped. When the car is standard, the 6.3-litre V12 generates 800 horses and when combined with the electric motor, it can put down a massive 950 hp. One would assume that this is enough but for this owner it simply was not. JMB Optimering (Sweden) gave this flagship a little boost thanks to a remapped ECU and it now pushes out a very scary 1050 horsepower. I am not sure an ordinary person would feel the difference between standard and this tuned version but who cares, this owner has the most powerful LaFerrari in the world… for now!

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