Lamborghini Huracan Gets DMC Treatment Called Affari

Just a few days back we saw the renderings of the Lamborghini Huracan LP630-4 Affari by DMC but now we get to see the entire package installed and ready to go on the first customer car. Finished in Rosso Mars and fitted with the full clear carbon kit by DMC, this has got to be one of the hottest Huracan’s cruising the road at the moment. What do you get in with this epic DMC kit? To start you get the fantastic looking fixed rear wing, a carbon diffuser (not visible in these pictures), side sills, carbon front spoiler and some new side air vents on the bumper. As always, DMC promises that the original body work remains untouched so if you decide to sell the car in stock form, you will have no problem at all. Cannot wait to see someone with Verde Ithaca do this to their Huracan.

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