Manhart Create Awesome MH2 Clubsport From BMW M235i

We saw a preview to this earlier on in the year, but now we get to see the real business and the results are fantastic! The Manhar MH2 400 Clubsport is a track car based on the new BMW M235i but features a host of extensive upgrades and mods to keep it stuck to the tarmac. Power from the six-cylinder has been pumped up to a massive 430  hp and since the top speed limiter has been removed, it can sail past the 300 km/h mark. The following changes were made to this absolute pocket rocket of a car;

  • Custom exhaust
  • In-house lowering kit (changes alignment)
  • 225 section tires up front and 255 section at the back
  • Standard seating removed (Recaro seats with 4-point harness)
The car is still fully street legal which means you can drive it to the track humiliate a lot of ‘drivers’ in the more superior cars and casually drive home. This is one epic machine!
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