Mcchip-DKR Produce Brabus Beating C63 AMG With 830 HP

The current Mercedes C63 AMG has nearly seen its days which means the 6.2-litre V8 is also nearly out of here before being replaced by the 4-litre twin-turbo. German tuners Mcchip-DKR have decided to give this car one last hoorah and they have done something only Brabus would get close to doing. They have added on a massive supercharger, made software changes and replaced components to compensate for the increase and power. The incredible part is that they managed to push the output of this engine from 457 hp all the way to a Brabus-matching 830 horses. To keep the car settled, they fitted a Drexler differential lock and installed some KW Clubsport suspension. Seeing as the Merc packs such a punch it needs the look to match so they fitted a widebody package which hosts plenty of carbon bits and pieces and called the whole project mc8xx. One last thing, they are working on a project c9xx which can only mean one thing…

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