Audi R8 GT T-Boned Evoque In Johannesburg South Africa

The Audi R8 GT is already a rare car but it became even rarer last night after colliding with a Range Rover Evoque. According to witnesses, the R8 driver skipped a red light and following the incident, the driver fled the scene. Both cars were deemed write-offs and the driver of the Evoque was transported to hospital with injuries but in a stable condition. There are only about 3 or 4 R8 GT’s (that I know of ) in South Africa so I don’t think he or she will be too hard to track down. Pity to see such a stunning German machine looking like this but I am glad that there were no serious injuries or fatalities. The incident happened on the corner of Witkoppen and Leslie in Johannesburg.

[Pics via @jhbnorthmedix]
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