Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Crashed Hard Into Oak Tree In Louisiana

Yesterday I was sent a bunch of images showing a Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 that had collided with something big and round. Well I manages to find out the details of the incident and I am happy to say that both driver and passenger survived. The driver was 20 years old when the incident happened but the car belonged to his dad. He decided to take a friend out for a joyride around town (Houma, Louisiana) but that wasn’t exciting enough. It got dark, the roads got wet and then he decided to switch traction control off for the ride home. Well he would come to regret that very soon because as they were coming around a bend, the driver jumped on the gas which resulted in him losing control. According to the driver, they lost control at about 110 mph and they ended up slamming into a big oak tree on side of the road. The driver shattered his pelvis, broke 6 ribs, dislocated his shoulder and fractured clavicle while the passenger just broke his hand. I think considering the impact on the drivers side, he is very lucky to have escaped with his life. This car is a complete shambles!


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