Five Signs You Need A New Car

You can tell a lot about a motorist’s personality from not only the car they drive, but the age of it. Whether it’s an unwillingness to change the status quo or research newer motors, or a romantic nostalgia for a trusted old steed that has transported you around the country or world, some motorists just refuse to give up on their ageing car – even though the warning signs are clear and there has never been such a great range of cars for all needs at showrooms such as Kia Washington.

Here are five signs that you need to swap your current car

1) It looks ridiculous. 
A Robin Reliant. A Trabant. A Lada Samara. If you’re driving any of these – don’t. There is a thin line between retro and ridiculous, and when you’re travelling on the wrong side of that divide then it might be time to change.

Take a long, honest look at the car on your drive. Can you still order parts for it? Do people snigger or shout as you drive past? Does the model regularly appear in ‘worst car ever’ lists such as this Top Gear article? Do you feel embarrassed?

2) Growing family
Forget about it. Try as you might, a baby car seat will not fit into the back of two-seater TVR – logistically or legally. I’m afraid you’ve reached that point as a parent-to-be that practicality trumps power, and you’ll need to think about more space for a seat, toys, prams and other child-related items.

It might not be a child, either. A job transporting bits and pieces, a new big dog, relatives moving into your house, or just not enough boot space for shopping might all be food for thought.

3) Repair bills
For that time when an MOT is otherwise known as the ‘wallet emptier’, and persistent, regular problems accelerate. Despite regular visits to a mechanic or a mate, that light on the dashboard keeps flashing, and sometimes the car takes AGES to start on a cold day. Oil and water are disappearing too quickly, rust is accumulating….it’s costing more to repair than you can afford.

You know in your heart that it would cost more than you’re paying to get to the root of the problem. Much more. And if the car’s well past the time of its warranty and heading towards the scrapyard – or worse still, becoming unsafe – it might be better to move on.

4) Petrol and insurance are becoming too much
The cost of fuel has fallen over the past few months, but there are warnings that this may not continue (here’s one from the Daily Telegraph) and prices may rise again. Depending on the number of miles you drive for work or leisure, you may find the costs totting up at a rate that is a little too close close for comfort.

If you’ve had an accident or an act of vandalism against your vehicle, your insurance will go up. Throw in other bills such as road tax and you’ll feel your wallet emptying – a new car might cut down on all of these costs.

5) You feel like it
There might be nothing wrong with your old car – reliable, cheap, indestructible and practical. But if you’ve come into a bit of money, or got a new job, or you just fancy something different.

A new car can impress the opposite sex or act as a transporter for a road trip, either in the form of a mighty 4×4 or a sleek little roadster. Maybe you want something more efficient or environmentally sound, or even something in just a new colour. Ultimately, when you decide you’d like to upgrade it’s pretty difficult to eliminate that feeling until you indulge in some new wheels.

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