Ford Swings for the Fences With the 2015 Mustang

Here’s the first thing you need to know about the 2015 Ford Mustang: for the first time in its 50 years of existence, the sports car was designed to be shipped across the pond and sold overseas.

In other words, Ford is seeking to take a slice out of the pie previously belonging to the likes of BMW, Audi, Aston Martin and others.

But does that mean the car manufacturer – which is really as American as apple pie – compromised its roots? Of course not. In fact, we’re certain you’ll immediately recognize the Mustang at first glance.

Though the car is all new from front to back, the 2015 Mustang still purrs loudly and accelerates quickly. No matter which model you’re looking at, you won’t find an engine with less than 300 horses’ worth of power. Whether you want a four-cylinder engine or a V8, and whether you (shudder) want automatic or manual, the 2015 Mustang can be customized specifically to your liking.

Despite the concerns as to whether the Mustang’s new design would be somewhat of a perversion, Ford masterfully pays homage to the Mustangs of yore with its 50th edition offering. With its sleek design, fastback roofline and three taillights per corner, you might think the car is actually adorned with a failed retro design.

Inside the 2015 Mustang – Just What the Doctor Ordered
But quite to the contrary, the car’s interior – while certainly containing some of the features we’ve grown to love over the past five decades, like the dual-cowl dashboard – is designed with an eye toward modernity with large instruments, round vents and flat toggle switches. Just check out some of the pictures in this 2015 Mustang guide. It looks amazing.

In fact, the redesigned interior is one of the things most surprising about the 2015 Mustang. Years ago, interior features might not have been as important as they are today. You just wanted to get from Point A to Point B comfortably.

As cars have become more and more powerful, though, secondary features like interior design have become that much more important. The new Mustang features silky smooth plastic paneling and comfortable cushioned seats. Because this is the Mustang’s first foray into the overseas automobile world, some versions are right-handed driving vehicles. On top of that, Ford is also offering different seat options, so drivers who want a firmer seat won’t have to worry about falling asleep at the wheel.

What Truly Sets This Model Apart
We believe there are two new features that make the 2015 a truly special Mustang. For starters, the Mustang has leaped into modernity with its keyless ignition. We certainly enjoyed the touch-button starting system, and we expect you will, too.

But most impressive has to be the car’s new chassis. The 2015 Mustang features an independent rear suspension, which gives drivers more control while also maximizing the comfort of all passengers at the same time.

The Mustang is a staple of American life. We’ve been wondering what Ford would offer in its 2015 model, and it appears as though the company has both met and exceeded our expectations with its 50th edition Mustang.

We encourage you to get a chance to sit behind the wheel of the newest Mustang. You’ll be happy you did.

Scott Huntington is a Mustang fan and blogger. Check out his site,

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