How the Nearly New Market Could Net You a Great Deal

The secret to buying the best used cars is taking advantage of the so called third market, “nearly new” vehicles. Rather than looking at everything in black and white –  new or old – nearly new cars refer to vehicles that have only been in production for a couple of years and have little, if any, miles to the clock. While they may not have that new car smell anymore, they represent great value for the thrifty buyer, remain in peak condition, and still run under their original three-year (or extended) manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s the Catch?
There are many reasons a car with so little use may be on the market. Many of them have been leased by corporate companies for their employees, driven by users of the government’s Motability scheme for disabled drivers, or even registered by the employees of the dealership themselves. The latter refers to vehicles that have been registered by the dealer himself. Many dealers have certain types of targets to fulfill, such as the number of cars sold, by set deadlines. Failing to do so will mean they won’t receive their bonuses. If they’re short of a target as the deadline approaches they may decide to buy the car themselves as the cost may be outweighed by the company bonus. This means you’ll get a car that is essential brand new for a reduced price.

Great Savings
It’s the ability to make big savings on seemingly new vehicles that draws people to the nearly new market. Used Volkswagens are a popular choice, and a 2014-series Golf can be spotted on specialist sites such as for over a third off its £15,999 showroom price. This comes with a 2014 license plated and under 10,000 miles on the clock.

Saves You Time
Another advantage to using these kinds of specialist websites is that they take the hard work out of finding a new car for you. Deciding which vehicle to go for can seem like the hard part with all the research it entails, but actually finding a good deal can take even longer. Regularly keeping up with listings on Motorpoint will make sure you find a great car in top condition at the market rate, but you’ll have to be quick. Motorpoint has become the UK’s leading car supermarket, selling a vehicle every six minutes.

For most people, a car is simply a place to get you from A to B. Buying nearly new is the best way to ensure the highest quality as well as take advantage of the full manufacturer’s warranty. The next time you’re in the market for a new car, don’t forgot the third market.

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