Ferrari Officially Unveil FXX K And It Is Bad Ass

Ferrari has unveiled the insane FXX K ahead of its debut during the Finali Mondiali event in Abu Dhabi. Formerly known as the LaFerrari XX we now know that it is called the FXX K and the K is a reference to the KERS system.

It will never be used in competition but will be available to an exclusive group of clients over the next two years. The FXX K packs 1035 horses thanks to the combination of the V12 and electric motors and a torque figure of 900 Nm means this thing will tear your face off. The 6.2-litre V12 features new camshafts and modified valve train while the exhaust system has been modified via remove silencers.

the HY-KERS system has a control unit from which the driver can select four different modes.

  • Qualify mode – maximum perfomance within a number of laps
  • Long Run mode – performance consistency
  • Manual boost mode – provides instant maximum torque delivery
  • Fast Charge mode – used for charging battery faster
In terms of design and cosmetics, the car looks insane with the twin-profile spoiler and large splitter. This is 30mm lower than the standard car which gives it even more presence. On the side we see new side skirts while at the back we see a higher tail section with small sings on each side. Ferrari claim that these additions improve downforce by a massive 50% and in combination with a some Pirelli slicks, this will absolutely annihilate the track. This is absolutely outrageous!!!!

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