Top 5 Performance Cars Coming To South Africa In 2015

It is a new year which means the wait is over for some of us for particular cars. Being a performance car based website, the top 5 cars coming to our beautiful country this year will most certainly be performers.

Mercedes-AMG GT S

Possibly the most exciting car to arrive in SA this year and judging by the reviews it is one hell of a machine! Reports circulating indicate that the car will be here in May but I think the launch will happen around March.

Ford Mustang

The much anticipated Ford Mustang should arrive around November this year and is one of 15 new vehicles that Ford plans to bring to SA.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

This is not 100% confirmed yet but the 911 GT3 RS will be revealed in Geneva in March so there is a very good chance that the first few orders could arrive in South Africa by the end of the year.

Civic Type-R

This real boy-racer hot hatch is said to arrive in the second-quarter and with it packing a minimum of 260 kW and a rear wing more suited to an Airbus it will sure grab your attention when you do see one.

Audi RS3

The hottest of RS3’s so far is scheduled to launch this year and with a 2.5-litre TFSI engine that is capable of a 100 km/h sprint in just 4.3 seconds you will have to keep those eyes peeled to catch one flying past you! Expect to see this sexy little machine in the 4th quarter.

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