2015 BMW M4 Coupe MotoGP Safety Car Unveiled

BMW has just taken the covers off their upgraded M4 Coupe which will act as the safety car for this years MotoGP season. This car has received a newly developed water injection system which boosts performance and reduces fuel consumption according to the clever team from the M division. In technical terms, a fine spray of water is injected into the collector which will lower the tendency of the engine to knock, thus enabling the point of ignition to come closer to the optimum value. There js a five litre water tank located in boot of the car and this must be refilled before any “rigorous action on the racetrack” and once every 5 tanks when doing normal road driving. This water injection system will soon be offered on the production models. On a side note, how insane does this car look? I bet someone will get their M4 done up like this.

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