BMW M6 GT3 Starts Testing Looking Rather Wild

We got a teaser in October last year but now BMW Motorsport has released the first images of the new BMW M6 GT3. Even though the car is fully laden with camo, it is quite easy to see the GT3-spec is a lot wider than the road verion and that massive rear wing makes quite the statement. There are additional vents on the hood and the rear quarter panels with some bonkers side exhausts. Ride height is noticeably lower and the interior has of course been stripped out to save weight. Powering this beast is the 4.4-litre V8 twin-turbocharged engine which has been modified for track use and delivers more than 500 horses in a car that weights less than 1300 kg. Cannot wait to see some footage of this thing in action! It is set to debut next year in the national and international series including some endurance races.

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