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Spring is often a much-needed reprieve from the oppressiveness of winter. With the promise of sun, newborn animals flocking about, and green leaves, spring is certainly something to look forward to. Yet with all the joy that spring brings forth, there are still some lingering winter effects that can continue to take toll on our vehicles, even after the majority of snow has been cleared from the road. What is worse is we have let our guards down as the sun is shining, and are often unprepared for the unexpected side effects that warmer weather will bring. To ready ourselves for the oncoming months, we should prepare our vehicles for more than just April’s showers, to ensure that our vehicle will perform throughout whatever this new Spring may bring with it.

When winter unloads a barrage of snow, one of the only tools our town has to battle it is salt. Though salt certainly melts snow and makes for a safer drive, the damage it does to our vehicles can be potentially irreversible. Salt leads to rust, and if we do not make an effort to wash it off, the damage could lead to the destruction of your vehicle. As such, take your time and give your vehicle a good cleaning, especially the underbody as that where most of the damage is seen. Remember to wait for a nice sunny day when the temperature is comfortable, to prevent a cracked windshield. In addition, all you have to use is water to clean your vehicle. Simply using water will make a huge difference to the cleanliness and has the ability to cut through the grime; neither soap nor specialty cleaners are.

Another step to take is to make sure to also open the hood and clean out any debris that may have found their way in there. Whether it is dirt, or perhaps fallen leaves leftover from the autumn, it is important to clean as much as possible. Replenish your windshield wiper fluids, as spring is quite a dirty time of year with all the mud, and your windshield is likely to take a beating simply while driving. Likewise, replace your windshield wipers. Depending on the severity of the winter you have previously had, windshield wipers can take quite a beating. Opt for good quality blades, as spring will certainly provide dirty windshields and has the potential to bring with it a fair amount of rain.

Though spring signals a much-needed break from the harshness of winter, do not underestimate its own ability to cause problems. As such, taking little steps will ensure that both you and your vehicle can enjoy the welcomed changes that the warmer months will bring.

Source: Sheridan Nissan

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