Refrigeration Extends the Life of Fresh Food

Time is precious. It is important in so many everyday things. In the modern world, the consumer expects to be able buy pretty much anything, including food products from afar that have traveled some distance before they can appear on the shelves. It includes products that are regarded as perishable and would not be fit for human consumption without being transported in strictly controlled conditions. In some cases it involves actual freezing, and in others, simple refrigeration. The problem is that some foodstuffs deteriorate quickly and bacteria are also common and just as attracted to foodstuffs as the consumer is.

Specialised Transportation 
Consumers may get guidance from ‘sell by dates’ but such dates are of no value with regard to fresh produce such as meat and dairy produce. These things need to be bought and consumed quickly. Some meat may cross oceans in a frozen state but once thawed for presentation to consumers it should not be refrozen. Its journey must be done in a controlled state, with the final stages mostly done by road. It must be done in vehicles that are specifically designed to do the job.

The History
Consumers buy frozen chickens, but when they look for the best cuts of meat it is rare that they would buy a joint or steaks that are still frozen. They want to see what the meat looks like and thus will pick from a chilled counter. Consumers will use their refrigerator when storing perishables at home, and proper cooking is likely to kill any bacteria that might exist; they do not have any control over what might have happened to those perishables before they are bought.
That responsibility falls to the transport companies. In the final delivery stage, the business needs to use refrigerated vehicles to keep the produce in the best possible condition, such as Glacier vehicles, which will do the job to the highest standard.

Experienced Dealers
Specialised dealers will provide warranties for all their vehicles. Some companies may want to buy used vehicles that have been properly serviced before being made available for resale. There is also an excellent range of refrigerated vehicles under many top brand names. Businesses looking to start a haulage section within their business or looking to add to an existing fleet will be welcome to ask questions and inspect existing vehicles without being obligated in any way.
At times, companies need vehicles to be slightly modified after purchase. Companies specialising in refrigerated vehicles will be able to do anything that is practical, just as they will be able to convert vehicles into refrigerated units in some cases. It is just a matter of making contact with your exact requirements and finding out more details.

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