This Is The McLaren 650S MSO ‘One of Seven’

As the title suggests, there will only be 7 of these supercars made and they are being built through a collaboration of McLaren’s MSO division, the Dörr Group, and a man named Markus Storck who initiated the idea. At the core, it is the stock standard McLaren 650S Spider but on the exterior is where MSO and Storck got to change things up. The special paint mixture took three months to perfect and was created to accentuate the shape of the 650S. This paint is applied very lightly and the end effect is that the car looks bronze in the daytime and brown in the evening (like a sculpture). Pretty much every single option from the MSO division is on this car too. Only 7 of these cars will be built and with a price tag of around £290k you may think they will be hard to sell but two have already been sold.

[Source: TopGear]

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