Canadian-Made Car Batteries Will Get You Through The Coldest Days

With more and more days under cold weather warnings, Ontario has seen more than its fair share of sub-zero temperatures. Now that we’ve arrived at the heart of winter, arctic air-masses are moving through the country. Waking up to temperatures that dip well into the negative double digits, can make it hard for you to tackle the day as normal. As a driver, know better than most what prolonged cold weather can do to your vehicle. When winter has gripped the country in a deep freeze, your battery is just as susceptible to the record-breaking temperatures as any other appliance.

You’ve heard it before. Co-workers, family members, and friends have told you about their car battery dying, causing long delays and costly repairs. This is because most batteries weren’t made with the cold weather Canada experiences in mind. The average car battery actually loses its ability to function at top performance in cold weather. As soon as the thermostat reaches zero, your car battery starts to struggle to perform its regular duties; once it reaches -20, your battery has already lost over half of its capabilities. This means it takes longer for your battery turn over your engine. At a time when you’re already draining your battery with blasting your heater and plugging in your phones, you don’t need to test your battery’s abilities any more than you need to.

When CAA is experiencing high call-volumes, you can’t waste the hours it could potentially take for a technician to come out and provide a jump. Following a winter check list to ensure the best performance of your battery can help, but to completely avoid the fate of your co-workers, friends, and family you must rely on a battery distributor that understands the intensity of Canadian winters. They can provide batteries for your car—whatever make or model—that can withstand glacial temperatures so you can get to where you need to go. By choosing a superior name in battery distribution, your battery is winterized, resistant to energy drains and to cracks that can cause expensive leaking. Your battery will also be backed by impressive warranties in case you do run into any unexpected problems.

When Ontario is experiencing one of the coldest winters on record, you need to know your battery will keep up with your work schedule, regardless of the temperature. Check out Canadian Energy Ontario locations to seethe quality and lifespan of their equipment. Once you’ve install one of their batteries, you know you’ll get where you need to be wherever that may be.

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