Ferrari 488 GTB Spotted Hot Weather Testing In Cape Town South Africa

South Africa is a hot favorite (excuse the pun) when it comes to warm weather testing and the recent scorching temperatures in Cape Town has lured the new Ferrari 488 GTB out into the open. A guy by the name of Christian has managed to snap a shot of a grey 488 GTB in Cape Town which is being followed very closely by a McLaren 650S. Word on the street is that Ferrari are using the 650S as a benchmark for their intense testing of their 458 replacement and they have been together for a significant amount of time. Sources say they have hit the track, the snow and the heat together and they also sleep in the same garage. It is safe to say that Ferrari are very impressed with the McLaren 650S and they have reason to be. So good to see such an epic new car cruising the streets of South Africa and I think this could even be one of the first spots of the car on public roads in the world.

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