How to avoid common pitfalls when buying cheap wheel and tyre packages

Oftentimes when trying to find a cheap solution to a major problem, especially when it is related to auto repair, you have a good chance of running into sketchy individuals who play your emotions of urgency against you for their own financial gain. This is common among motorists who get a flat tyre or experience irreparable damage to their wheels. When these unexpected things happen, paying a premium price for top-of-the-line wheels and tyres may not be the most economical decision and a quick fix may be the best solution. Unfortunately, this mindset allows you to become susceptible to unscrupulous business practices.

One of these smarmy methods includes being sold a damaged tyre that will last just long enough for the 30-day warranty to pass. When you bring it back into the shop to get a free replacement, you’ll be all out of luck! And if that has ever happened to you, trust me, it was no coincidence!

The best way to avoid this awful scenario is to take a good look at the whole tyre before the “mechanic” places it on your vehicle in order to inspect it for damage. If they are reluctant to let you see the tyre before placement, don’t even waste time doing business with them.

Another thing that most evil wheel and tyre shops have been known for is their overall poor customer service. While this isn’t technically as bad as knowingly selling a poor quality product, giving bad consumer advice or not providing the proper support almost always leads to poor decision making which, in turn, leads to more time and money spent on the customer’s end.

Fortunately, you won’t have to search far and wide for the end-all, be-all solution to these major headaches because we’ve found it. Instead of taking a shot in the dark at a lesser known wheel shop on the corner, why not buy mag wheels online at AutoCraze?

Not only does AutoCraze feature high quality products from the likes of Goodyear Tyres and Lexani Wheels, but they’re customer service is bar none and you will get a few freebies like free shipping and an installation kit at no additional charge.

Whether you are in the market for the latest trend in alloy wheels or looking to purchase a decent set of durable tyres online for your performance vehicle, AutoCraze is the leading authority on all things wheels and tyres in Australia, and with their super low prices making the top brand named products much more affordable for emergency situations, you can believe that joining the AutoCraze family will always steer you clear of pitfalls.

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