Misha Designs Release Two Kits For Ferrari 458, One With FXX K Rear Wing

The Ferrari 458 Italia is still a fantastic looking car but now that the 488 GTB has arrived, it has been placed in the ‘dated’ category. Misha Designs are here to save those who need a big cosmetic overhaul by offering two different body kits for the brilliant supercar. The first kit encompasses a new hood, front bumper, fenders and side skirts along with a more aggressive rear bumper and a subtle wing. These are all made from carbon fibre and if they are not all to your liking, they can be purchased separately. The second limited edition kit is for the first 20 customers only and although it looks similar to the first kit it features a very different, FXXK inspired rear wing. This rear wing actually runs the full width of the car while the FXX K are independent on each side. Wonder if someone will be brave enough to get this installed? I hope someone does because I think it looks fantastic and fresh.


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