More Hardcore Pagani Huayra Confirmed Before Geneva 2016

Good news for the die-hard Pagani fans out there! According to, there will be a new hardcore version of the Huayra coupe between now and the 2016 Geneva Motor Show! Mr Horacio Pagani said himself that “It’s going to be a hardcore version of the Huarya.” He did not let any other details slip other than they will only be making 20 of them and they will only be offered to existing Pagani customers. He did drop some details on the upcoming Huayra Roadster however and made mention that it would have:

  • Different chassis
  • New top portion
  • New rear and subframes
  • Different transmission
  • More powerful engine (approx 20 hp more than the coupe)
  • 50 kg lighter than the Coupe (WTF)
  • Different aero package
  • Dealers and customers will see the first shots of it today (expect a leak)
  • One current Coupe owner put down deposit for the Roadster back in 2011
I am a mega Pagani fan and I cannot wait to see the Roadster as well as some juicy details about a more hardcore Huayra.
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