Maserati Staying In South Africa But Loses Distribution Rights To Australia

Well it seems Maserati distribution rights are leaving South Africa. Viglietti Motors has been renamed Scuderia South Africa and they are now purely concentrating on Ferrari. European Automotive Imports (EAI) are the distributors for Maserati in Australia and New Zealand and as of the 1st of May they will be the South African distributors too. General Manager, Glenn Sealey had the following to say;

“South Africa is certainly a challenging market and one that is going to be exciting for us, but it now leaves us occupying Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, so we have a very strong relationship with Maserati. It’s an interesting market and it’s not going to be an easy market, maybe that’s why we have been chosen. We have a very good market share in Australia. We have a very well developed network, significant investment in the franchise and good people on the ground. We want to replicate that in South Africa with a South African team.”

EAI-SA will open and run the Johannesburg Maserati dealership and is also seeking partners for representation in Cape Town, with a dealership in Durban planned for 2016. Its first launch will be the Ghibli in mid-2015.

[Source: Motoring]

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