Ferrari 458 Speciale Owner Resorts To Crowd Funding To Repair His Wrecked Car

Recently the owner of this black 458 Speciale crashed it on the Nurburgring and he could not come to terms with writing off his car so he has asked for some help. Put simply, he is asking people of the internet for donations to help pay for the $234,624 repair cost through crowd funding. His thinking is the following;

“Why don’t we give every petrolhead on this planet the opportunity to put his or her picture of choice on our almost dead beauty?”

The Ferrari will be used as canvas so that anybody could pay a nominal fee of €3.99/cm2 to upload a picture on the vehicle’s hood, chassis, or bumper. Any picture can be chosen for upload and the revenue will be used to repair the beast. You can check out the entire project at The Dead Ferrari.

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