Ferrari’s Airbag Recall Is Now Worldwide Including South Africa

A while back, Ferrari recalled a number of models in the U.S. due to an airbag issue affecting a total of 814 cars but now it has been confirmed that the recall is extending worldwide (including South Africa) which brings the total figure of cars to 2600. The airbag fault was discovered during testing of the Ferrari 458 Italia’s steering column. It was found that the leather covering the airbag module hadn’t been glued properly with the airbag cushions also installed at the wrong angle. Consequently, the airbag would deploy in a rotated orientation. Ferrari spokeswoman Krista Florin said “The issue is a possible production defect in a component inside the air bags. Ferrari has immediately issued a recall for those cars to have the air bags in question replaced with conforming devices.” The following cars produced between the 19th of December 2014 and 29th April 2015 are affected;

  • 458 Italia
  • 458 Spider
  • 458 Speciale
  • 458 Speciale A
  • FF
  • F12berlinetta
  • California T
  • LaFerrari
Dealers are replacing the faulty airbag free of charge and the recall is expected to start today!
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