Lamborghini May Be Bringing New Hypercar To Pebble Beach For Private Viewing

It is always good to be very wealthy as you can join the elite Lamborghini collectors and get invited to private viewings of their latest insane creations before anyone else in the world. I know I just said that there will probably not be anything super special from Lamborghini at Pebble Beach but I think I may be wrong. The new Hypercar from Sant’Agata will be like the Reventon and Veneno before and of course produced in tiny numbers. Sources are saying that there will be 20 coupes and 10 roadsters and that the price tag will easily be $2m. The car will probably be based on the Aventador SuperVeloce LP750-4 but will have about 800 horsepower on tap, weigh less and have more insane aero. This excites me to a whole new level!

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