Rimskins™ Now Available In South Africa

We all know how frustrating it can be to scrape your precious wheels on a curb or other obstacle but it can be prevented if you opt for a set of RimSkins.

Rimskins™ rim protector offers an innovative way to protect valuable wheel rims from kerb scratches and damage incurred while parking. Fitted to the outer edge of the wheel, Rimskins™ provide a barrier between the wheel rim and the kerb. Rimskins™ are intended to be a sacrificial product that will go on protecting the rims after many scrapes. Rimskins™ can also be used to cover existing damage. Rimskins™ not only protects but it can beautify your rims while potentially saving you thousands from rim repair. Get Rimskins™ today & enjoy the customised look while having peace of mind that your valuable rims are protected against costly mag wheel repair.

Recently I had a set of red RimSkins fitted to my car to prevent a nasty scratch on the beautiful diamond cut wheels but also to give the car a bit of character. Warren from RimSkins personally came out to install the product and I am extremely happy with the result. If you want to do it yourself, you can simply order a kit from their website here and away you go. The kit comes with everything you need and you can choose from grey, black, red, yellow, white or blue. Some rims are designed in such a way that the product can not be applied but majority of the standard wheels work perfectly. Pricing ranges from R549.00 (DIY) to R1399.00 (professionally done). Check out the gallery of installs at this link for a better idea of how they could look on your car.



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