Tips to Save Money on Car Repairs

Cars are the machines of wonder which have changed our lifestyle altogether but every machine requires periodic maintenance for optimal performance, likewise cars need regular checkups, parts replacement and repairs which can be hectic and a burden to the wallet. However, the amount of time and money spent on car repairs can be minimized by following the footsteps of prudent car owners who agree on the efficacy of following tips to reduce the costs of car repairs.

1. Choose Your Mechanic Wisely
Quality of the car repair depends largely on the skills and dedication of mechanics. This is the reason why you should be more careful in whom you handover your car keys to. Always inquire your friends and family members for tips and advices about which repair shop is better for what kind of work and you may also find a discount referral in this way.
Moreover, a keen eye to the ambience of the repair shop also provides ample clues to the quality of services provided there. For example dirty floors, empty cans and left-overs from previous repairs clearly indicate the lack of professionalism and frivolous attitude towards work.

2. Know the Market Rate
It is more advisable to shop around before you make your final judgment to get your car repaired from a particular repair shop. By doing so, you get a better picture about nature of fault in your car and supplies you with the going market rate for pertinent repairs. Many of the times, second opinion reveals a complete and yet different picture from the first diagnostic.
There are also a number of online solutions, dedicated websites offering a wide range of area wise estimates for common car repairs. For example, RepairPal and AutoMD quote accurate estimates of parts and labor charges for different kind of repairs.

3. Buy Discount Parts
Buying the car parts is the task which separates wise buyers from their counterparts. To buy the genuine car parts and to buy them at a lower price especially for more costly and periodically replaceable parts like tyres and engine oil, authentic dealer and discount offers are more sought-after by the buyers. This can be also be done by purchasing from websites offering solutions for buying cheaper parts online thus saving the hassle to search the market. For example Parts Geek has a wide range of auto parts while Tyre Shopper offers original tyres at discounted price for home delivery.

4. Routine Maintenance
It is always better be safe than sorry. To maintain the engine oil, brake oil, radiator fluid, air filters, and battery fluid may sound very hectic but, these routine maintenance activities prevents the cost of large repairs which may arise as a result of negligence in performing them. For example, a relatively dried radiator may cause the car to heat up and damage the gasket or sometimes the engine in more serious cases thus leading to a major and costly repair.
It is also important to mention that the tyres are the most ignored yet most important part of the car for they perform the primary function of bearing the load and moving it forward. For this reason they need to be purchased from genuine dealers and regularly inflated, aligned and maintained.

5. Know Your Car
Diagnosing your car isn’t that difficult once you put yourself to the task. For the trivial issues like replacing the wiper blades or air filters, it takes only a couple of minutes to understand how it works and do it yourself. This does not only saves the time for taking the car to mechanic and but also the labor charges as well. Similarly, many of the error codes are sometimes a minor malfunction, for example a loosely fitted engine cap can also flag the worrisome engine check sign on car’s display.
A large number of code readers are also available in the markets which provide the car-owners with ease of diagnosing the exact issue in their car by themselves thus preventing them from needless repairs.

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